Friday, March 19, 2010

Louisiana Life......

I've been in the States for a couple weeks now and somehow haven't found the time to all! Taylor and I are just enjoying being here without alot of responsibilites. Our biggest decisions are who to play with that day. I finally got some yummy crawfish from Sausage Link! They were wonderful...

Here's a cute picture of Taylor and Alex with Jenny and her friend in Houston.

Here's a couple from our first night home. MaMa and PaPa along with Chris and Lindsay, the Zachary's, Jace, Jenny, etc. met us at the airport. We came home and they brought crawfish etouffe and chicken and sausage gumbo. The Wyningers came over along with Don and Susan, Jennifer and Chris and Matt. Matt and Taylor were in the MTC at the same time so he's just gotten home, too.

Taylor and Jace catching up.

Jenn, Chris and Matt Sorensen
Have to show off about these cute letter wall hangings I made for Miss Piper?? They are bigger than they look here and super cute. I know she'll LOVE them...well, at least her mom will.
Taylor's new ride! He loves it. He and I were a good team going into the dealership to buy it. I was proud to get it all done without any help from Brad at all. We negotiated, bought it, got insurance, the whole nine yards.....he would have been proud! (of course we made a few calls to him for advice but not too much)
We're enjoying being here in Louisiana! Whitney will join us next week and so will Ivy and Piper. Brad's parents are also coming for a couple days so that'll be fun.

Monday, March 1, 2010

If you want an autograph, I'll see what I can do.....