Sunday, July 4, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

Piper and Silly Aunt Whitney and Ivy at Cafe Rio!

Sorry for the delay in updating. It's certainly not for lack of things to say. My wireless internet isn't working at home so I'm using the desktop which is at a desk with a hard chair. I usually blog from a comfy chair or even my bed so.....I'll sacrafice! Two days after we got home from the beach with the Zacharys, Whitney and I drove to Houston to fly to Las Vegas to visit Ivy, my oldest daughter, her husband and of course Piper, my beautiful grandaughter! We had a room at Circus Circus so Ivy and Piper stayed there with us and we had a three day sleep-over! We did see Calder at least everyday but honestly, I think he appreciated having them out of the house so he could study for the bar. It's coming up at the end of the month!

  • Piper, Piper, Piper!! She is getting so big and we just played and played the whole time. She was a little angel the entire time.
  • Seeing Mary and Ric, Ivy's wonderful mother and father-in-law. I'm so thrilled that Ivy and Calder will have them close by
  • Dinner with Mary, Ric, Mayce, Becca, Davis, Ivy, Calder and Piper. Ric treated us to a wonderful Mexican dinner and it was delightful!
  • Getting my new wedding ring (I got it the same week Piper was born) sized by Ric. It's been a little big but now feels perfect.
  • Swimming at the little water park with Whitney, Ivy and Piper. I swear, everyone that passed by stopped to comment on how cute and chubby Piper was in her little Juicy swimsuit. Piper loved the pool, so we took turns in with her while the others sunned and snacked. Perfect!
  • The actual circus in the middle of Circus Circus....Piper actually seemed to enjoy it. The others of us mainly made fun of it but we had fun. Also, making fun of the very ghetto pool at the hotel!
  • Tons of food~ Cafe Rio twice! Pick up Stix, the yummy Mexican place that I can't remember the goes on and on....
  • Deseret Book and the upstairs place where I got new stuff!!!

The only bad part was it was over too quickly and we had to get on the plane and come back!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Law School Grad.....

Congratulations to my wonderful son-in-law, Calder on his graduation from University of Minnesota School of Law! They have relocated to Las Vegas where he is soon to begin a two-year clerkship with a Federal Judge..... Congrats also to Ivy and Piper who helped him all along the way! Aren't they the cutest little family?? (Picture stolen from their blog!)