Saturday, November 14, 2009

Rockband in Abqaiq.....

I could go on and on about how wonderful Evan's school is....but that's another post. One of his favorite things, last year in eighth and this year in ninth is what's known as Rockband (nothing to do with the game). It's a class where they play and learn instruments from Mr. Craig. (Evan still plays the trumpet in the 'real' band, but this is cooler and funner!) Evan already plays the guitar and the bass so he tried out for the afterschool Rockband and enjoys that. They stay after school and practice several times a week and preform. This past Thursday (like our Saturday) they had a preformance in Abqaiq (pronounced Ab-Cake) about an hour from us. Brad and I and some other parents rode with them on the Aramco bus. An extra bonus was that it was Abqaiq's "International Cuisine Day"! Lots of booths selling yummy and interesting foods. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed spending the afternoon listening to all the bands.

Bands from all the Aramco schools played three or four songs each. Some were quite good and some were just ok, but all of them had a great time.

Here's a shot of the wonderful Mr. Craig with his awesome three-necked guitar. He's also Evan's Geometry teacher.

Evan waiting for their turn to play. He doesn't seem happy to notice Brad has the camara on him, does he? We rode the bus back to Dhahran about six. Very enjoyable day!

Halloween '09....

Halloween is always a big deal in our family. Back at home, we always had a huge party with chili and treats and tons of people. We were feeling a little sorry for ourselves here in Saudi but it turned out to be really fun. Here are the nerds, Whitney and Angelina with their basketball star friend, Tori.
The Mason's invited us over for a delicious "dinner in a pumpkin". We sat in their driveway and handed out candy and all the kids took off trick-or-treating.

Evan went as an Aramco worker. Check out the Nomex.

A couple more pictures of the nerds. And a big shout out to my talented, crafty, thoughtful friend, Kristin, for making me the cute Halloween banner in the background. She also sent me a Thankful one for Thanksgiving! I love them!