Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Summer Nothings.....

For the past five nights or so, Whitney and I have gone to the track at the high school- a couple of nights with Andrea and her kids, one night with our cousins, a couple on our own. It started that Andrea told Whitney she would pay her $150 if she helped her excercise herself to a specific weight. Now Whitney has become "personal trainer". I didn't promise her any cash but she still helps me. We've walked on and off for years but I need to step it up now. We normally walk twelve laps fairly fast. Jillian, I mean Whitney, jogs backwards ahead of me and "inspires" (yells at) me to jog/run faster. It has really been fun. Tonight along with two miles walking, I ran a mile of straights (meaning four laps of running the straight part of the track and walking the curves) which for me is good!

I really can't believe how fast this summer is going. We haven't had alot of exciting events but we are having a fun enough break. The kids have been going to friends and having friends over here. Since Whitney is driving, there have been many trips to the mall. It's been wonderful because she's very willing to run errands for me, grocery shop, take Evan places, etc.

We spend almost all day Tuesday at the Powell's house for Kaitlyn Spell's going away party. It was a fun pool party. Kaitlyn is a great, fun girl and she will be greatly missed. We have known Kaitlyn since she was born and can't believe they are actually leaving us. We wish you well in Kentucky- Kaitlyn, Teresa, Jason and Lexi! Keep in touch!

Brad was off today (he's off every other Friday) and we took advantage of the rainy weather and cleaned out our bedroom and closet. I love him to be off on these days although every Friday he is off, I think it's Saturday all day long. After a day of cleaning, Brad, Whitney and I went out to eat at New King Palace. Actually, Whitney hates Chinese food so she just drank a Coke and called for a Chili's-To-Go order.

Monday morning bright and early I'm driving to San Antonio to bring Whitney, Mary Catherine, Sydney, Alex and Taylor Z. to EFY.

Another mission call: Congratulations to Shawn Pietz going to Pueblo, Mexico!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This weekend, Evan had his open water check out dives. He finished the confined water classes several months ago so this was the last step. It was a coincidence that the instructer was Mr. Garcia, the Spanish teacher at his school! They went to Yogi Bear Park to dive in the lake/pond. When Brad got certified, they dove in Smith Lake in Vidor which seems better but at least they didn't have to make the trip. (I wanted him to wear his wet-suit so the pics would be cuter....but the water was warm.) Anyway, Evan did great, really enjoyed himself, and is now a certified open-water diver!

Happy Diving, Evan!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Family Reunion Road Trip.........

First of all I have to say that girl's camp was SO fun! It was so relaxing to be there and in the kitchen cooking with Vicki, Kristin & Samantha. Everybody kept coming in and saying things about how hard of a job we had. I totally disagree! It was nothing but fun. The theme was "There's No Place Like Home" and they used the Wizard of Oz. It was SO cute! Everything tied in so well. So great job Robin, Andrea, Tammy, Monica and Claire! Whitney and I got home from camp Thursday about 4:00 or so. We got all the clothes washed and took a nap. Brad picked Evan up from scout camp at Edgewood that night. I finally got his clothes all done around midnight. We got up and left Friday morning at 6:00 to drive to Farmington, Missouri to the "Felix & Laura Pogue Family Reunion." Felix and Laura were Brad's great-grandparents. His paternal grandfather's parents.

We really enjoyed ourselves the whole trip. Brad's Dad, Jerry, was in charge of the reunion this year. It was at a restaurant with a buffet. It was fun to eat and visit. It was great to spend time with Brad's parents, Stephanie and Emily, and Brian and Cindy. I bet there were at least 75 people there. I know it's hard to see but we spent one afternoon at a swimming hole right there near Farmington where Brad's parents grew up. Note the three generations of Pogue men in the water!

While we were there, Brad's dad showed us around some of the old cemetaries. I took tons of pictures of Pogue ancester's gravesites. It was SO fun. I really love that sort of thing! Jerry might have had a little too much fun. You can see him in one picture "practicing" by laying on the ground by his tombstone! I know when the sad time really comes, we will have a good laugh at this funny memory of him! Another highlight of the trip was getting to see our sweet little cousin, Spencer, and his mom, Michelle. We haven't seen them in a very long time and we enjoyed our visit very much. The kids really enjoyed playing baseball with him in their backyard. When we left, Evan commented, "Spencer's awesome!"

The trip didn't last long enough as we had to leave to come home Tuesday morning. We drove Steph and Emily back to Hot Springs then headed home. Around DeRidder, we saw the most beautiful rainbow I think I have ever seen. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic trip!

Monday, June 9, 2008


So, I'm off to girl's camp this week. I'm excited to work with the kitchen with Vicki, Kristin and Samantha. I know your jealous! We'll be back Thursday! Evan left for scout camp at Edgewood at 5:30 this morning. Whitney is already with Andrea and will meet me at camp. Fun times ahead for all.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What's New......

I feel like I want to post but our lives have been less-than-exciting this week. Here's what's been going on with us:

~ Evan has been glued to the couch playing Call of Duty Live. He does get up every now and again to do a quick chore, go to the bathroom or catch a short game of basketball if a friend comes to the door to get him. He actually did get the yard mowed.

~ Whitney's retainer is lost. She took it out, put it somewhere and promptly forgot where. It's one of those clear ones that are practically impossible to see. She wouldn't be a Pogue child if she got by with only one. Ivy lost her's the first day she had it. Whitney's made it a month or so....

~ Do you know what Vertigo is? Well, I have had it this week and I can tell you it's no fun! I had it once before and went to the doctor. There was some complicated explanation about crystals in my inner ear coming loose and being somewhere they weren't supposed to be. It basically feels like every time I lay down or move my head that I'm on a spinning amusement park ride. I'm alot better now, just need to be careful not to move my head too fast! haha I know that sounds just ridiculous.

~ Monday Evan leaves for scout camp and Whitney and I leave for girl's camp. Poor Brad will be home alone all week. At least he'll have the dog and Evan's fish to keep him company.

~ Whitney got her liscense and has been driving all over town! This is both exciting and frightning. She really is a good driver but we can't help but worry about her. She's been doing good to call and report when she arrives at her destinations. She has inherited Taylor's Ford F250 pick-up. It's huge but she loves to drive it. She drove my van one day and said she felt "small and unsafe"!

~ Took Evan to Dr. Thompson for his physical for scout camp. He measured 71". He is dying to be six-foot but as hard as he stretched, couldn't come up with that inch. Now his goal is to hit that height by his 14th birthday in August. At this rate, I'm sure he will.

~ Monday night the kids decided to have a party. Around 8:00 lots of kids came over to watch movies, eat, jump on trampoline, play X-box, and whatever else they do. There were my two, Mary Catherine and Taylor Zachary, Sean Laughlin, Dustin, Dillon, Daniel and Lindsay Dees, Elaine and Trevor Newton, Blake Istre, Codey Guidry, Kaitlyn Spell, Lenae Cordell, and others that I can't recall right now. They had a good time as this group always does! They are awesome kids.

~ Whitney totally cleaned the house one day when I was out doing errands. She can be such a sweetheart!

~ Taylor is still doing great in France. Thanks to those of you who are reading and commenting on his missionary blog.

So that's been our week! The week-end will consist of getting packed and ready for camp.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Not too shabby.................

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One year ago today.......

Happy First Anniversary, Ivy and Calder Huntington!Can't believe it's been a year.........
since this wonderful day!
We love you both and are so proud of all your accomplishments.