Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Beach and another crazy Saudi sign.....

Today is Thursday which is the the first day of the week-end. Brad had to work so Whitney, Evan and I decided to ride the bus to Ras Tanura to the beach and eat lunch with Brad. It is such a beautiful beach on the Arabian Gulf (or Persian Gulf depending on which side of it you are on) White sand, blue water....simply beautiful. Like all beaches and public places, there are a few rules that must be abided by......... Be sure to check out Rule #8!
So at one time or another, this has been a problem??

Really enjoyed the day! Brad walked down and met us at the beach and we ate in the snack bar. We got back on the bus at 1:00 with just enough sun and fun! (and next time we're at the beach and get a hankering to slaughter a sheep....we'll try to refrain!)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Guess what??

Baby Rhino

Baby Piglet

Baby Penguin

Baby Panda
Baby Monkey

Baby Elephant

Baby Deer
Baby Bunny

Drum roll, please........

And now, announcing BABY HUNTINGTON! Congratulations, Ivy and Calder!!

Yes, Brad and I are going to be grandparents and couldn't be more thrilled. I'm sure it will be the cutest, smartest, sweetest baby in the world!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We spent spring break in Rome. It was more magnificent that we ever imagined. We were a little worried that we didn't speak a word of Italian but it was fine. The hotel showed us how to use the bus system and it worked flawlessly! The hotel also had it's own bus that went to the city center twice a day. Here are some of the many photos! All of the buildings sort of look similar but I believe this is outside of part of the Vatican.

There were many sidewalk artists out and it was so fun to watch. We all had our charcoal portraits done. She was amazing. (except that I think she made Brad look a few years older than he actually looks- even some passerbys agreed!) They are getting framed now but I'll put up another picture of the finished products! Love the ones of the kids. Just wish Ivy, Calder and Taylor would have been there to have one. I also bought a little oil painting that's getting framed, too.

Here is a shot of the kids outside the Vatican. Being right before Easter there was alot of setting up going on. I think the Pope was going to make an appearance the next day.

This is one of the little alleys close to the Vatican. A random priest passed and asked, "WHAT is the significance of THIS picture?" "None", I replied but "isn't it cute?" He nodded in agreement that is was! ha
Whitney and Evan posing in front of Trevi Fountain. It was amazing and beautiful and fun! Such a lively atmosphere out there but nothing too rowdy. Just tons of people hanging around and tossing coins in the fountain. We learned that tossing a coin in means that you will visit Rome again. I threw in several because I definately want to come back to this beautiful city.

One of the many pizzas we ate. This little cafe overlooked the Collisium. Below is Evan with the Collisium in the background.

It was amazing and so fun to look at it all during our lunch while we relaxed and rested and ate!

Whitney and Brad inside the Collisium. It was amazing and fun to imagine the roar of the crowd that must have been heard around Rome when the gladiators fought the animals at the games!

This is part of the Forum. We bought a book with overlays that showed what it once was and what remains. Truly amazing.....

Just a random shot that I couldn't pass up........

Showing more of Trevi Fountain...........

Evan sitting on some ancient steps inside St. Angelos Castle. It was a fortress connected to St. Peters where they brought the ancient Pope's when danger arose. Evan loved St. Angelos.

One of the thousands of beautiful arches that the city is full of! This one under a bridge crossing the Tiber.
We loved every minute of this trip. We saw the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's, the Pantheon, Palotine Hill, the Collisieum, the Forum, Trevi Fountain and many, many more sights. We spent one morning at an outside street bazarre which was fascinating. I have over 400 pictures so let me know if you want more and I'll send you a link.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crazy Saudi Signs........

We never cease to be amazed at some of the signs we see around town. I'm gonna be putting some up here occasionally for your enjoyment! This one was over some greeting cards in a little shop in downtown Al-Khobar...... (notice that it originally said 'massages' instead of messages) We assume it means that if you happen to be in there reading the greeting cards and notice a catchy line or pick-up phrase, it would be STRICTLY PROHIBITED to get out your cell phone (mobile as they call them) and text it to your sweetie! Darn, because I always do that!! Yeah, I knew y'all would like that.