Saturday, June 19, 2010

Back and gone again.......

So Whitney and I made the trip home just fine. We flew from Bahrain to Frankfurt (which was a new airport for us) then on to Dallas. One of Whitney’s school friends, Jakk was on both flights all the way to Dallas so that made the time go by fast for her. After lunch at the airport Chili’s it was onto the tiny plane to Lake Charles. Thanks to Susan for the ride home! We were home for one full day before we took off again. Zack is in Biloxi on the oil spill and is staying in a condo there. Andrea and the girls invited Whitney and I to go. We had a great time. Highlights of the Biloxi trip:
• Whitney and Mary Catherine being way out in the Gulf and hearing a “doglike” noise behind them. They turn around to see a black fin super close to them. Andrea and I were laying in lounge chairs watching them run as if in slow motion wondering why in the world they were ditching the rafts. Andrea’s exact words: “It better be a shark!” Actually we learned that it was a dolphin. Hilarious….they just knew they were going to be eaten alive.
• Lots of food…..Bonefish Grill (Thanks Zack!), Piccadilly, McDonalds, IHOP, Andrea’s muffelata sandwiches, chocolate dipped pretzels and strawberries, etc….the eating just went on and on.
• The beach had no oil that we could see.
• The pools at the condo were super nice.
• Having a sing along all the way home helped the time go by. At the top of all our lungs, we covered Kenny Chesney, Ronnie Milsap, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash… get the picture.
So now we are home one more day before we take off for Las Vegas! Can’t wait to see Miss Piper (oh, and Ivy and Calder, too) We’ll come back the 25th and plan to stay home from then on. Evan will come July 2, Taylor later in July and Brad on August 1st. Hopefully at some point during the summer, my whole family will be together in one place at one time. Is that too much to hope for?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Rock-Star Performance....

I know I've talked about Evan and his rock band before but he just loves it. Here is an article from the school news about their latest concert. So cute that his picture was featured with the article.

Bisak Rocks! Last Saturday evening, Mr. Craig and his rock bands traveled to the British International School of Al-Khobar (BISAK), to perform in Bisak Rocks. The school is located on the compound formally known as Al-Bustan and have a new rock band program this year. Mr. Craig has worked hard in recent years to collaborate with other rock bands from area schools in an effort to create more performance experiences for our musicians. It was another wonderful concert for our musicians as the quality of performances were strong and our kids enjoyed the chance to play for a large and very appreciative audience. While the last roadtrip of the school year, Mr. Craig and our rock band students look forward to another successful year of performances in 2010-11 as the program continues to thrive and grow!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Being Too Sick for School looks like......

All you need is a little fever, a cozy blanket you quilted yourself in quilting class, an xbox, Call of Duty, a laptop to chat with friends who may or may not be at school and a few Mountain Dews.... oh yeah, and a straight chair. It wouldn't work to sit on the comfy sectional three feet behind because the connection isn't quite as good there!

I'm kidding, he really was sick. He and Whitney both came down with strep two days ago and are on antibiotics. They are on the mend. In fact, Whitney had two finals today and did not have the luxury of staying home.