Thursday, June 25, 2009

We've been home a week........

I just realized that I've been back in Louisiana for a week now and I just can't believe how fast time is flying! It's been so fun already. We got in to Lake Charles airport (I use the word airport loosely as the actual building was destroyed during Hurricane Rita and the new one is in progress). We were excited to get off the plane to find my parents, some cousins and friends all waiting to greet us. My ankles were swollen so bad it was like a freak show. I guess just from being in a sitting position for 24 hours or so. They got better after I put them up for awhile. Much to our dismay, none of our three huge suitcases arrived when we did and they acted like they had no idea where they could be! I knew they had gotten to Dallas because we took them through customs. (they arrived late the next day) We got home and were happy that our house looked just the same. Actually much better because our flower beds had been done. They look great. Our cars were decorated with windshield paint- so cute. Mom and Dad came over for awhile and so did the cousins. Later on, Kristin and Susan came over and stayed till 2:00 or so. It was so fun to see them. They kept worrying that I was too tired but I got a second wind and felt good. Spent the next day visiting and shopping. That night I went to Sausage Link for 5 pounds of delicious boiled crawfish. We were told that the next night was the last of the boiled ones so I barely made it. Most of you don't realize what a tragedy that would have been! Kristin came and met Susan and I and we went to WindyDoo's for some ice cream they back to my house for another late nighter! Fun! Then Saturday was Josh's wedding. I picked up my mom and took her with me. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple and tons of fun visiting and catching up with everybody that I haven't seen in six months. Sunday of course, I got to see so many more friends. We went over to Mom and Dad's for Sunday lunch and just hung out on her house all day. We came home and Whitney started packing for Utah. Kristin and I drove her over to Houston and put her on a plane Monday. She was going to surprise her best friends the Zacharys. I'll let her blog about all the details because honestly, I don't know them all yet. She's having a great time and they got Alex delivered to the MTC on Wednesday. For you Dhahran folks, she also got to hook with with Tori and Christian M. at the mall for a little while and meet them. They will be moving to our community in Saudi in the fall. She was glad to get to meet them. Since we dropped Whitney off, it's just been Evan and me. He's been going back and forth between Mitchell's and home. He's been helping out at the Vacation Bible School at the Catholic Church in town and having a blast. His girlfriend and some other friends are there, too, so that's been fun and something to get up and do every morning. Wednesday night, Kristin and I went to the movie to see The Proposal. It was cute. On a sad note, Sister Papadimitriou, passed away yesterday. We knew she was in bad shape Sunday. Sister Papa has been a pillar of our ward here in Lake Charles for as long as I can remember. She will be missed! I know this is long and boring but I kind of consider this blog a journal- so I know it's not always entertaining. Lots more fun to come, though. My niece's baptism is tonight and can't wait for Andrea and all the Zachary's to got home. I'll post lots of pictures when Whitney gets home from Utah with my camara!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Heading back......

Wednesday night, or actually early Thursday morning, the kids and I are flying out of Bahrain. Laying over in London, then on to Dallas then on to Lake Charles! We will be there two whole months.

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • hanging out with friends and family
  • some girls nights out
  • eating at Steamboat Bill's, Main Moon, Sausage Link and O'Charley's
  • BlueBell
  • walking in the evenings at the SHS track
  • shopping at the mall in the middle of the afternoon
  • not having to take a bus to the mall
  • WalMart, Target, Kroger

Things that I will miss:

  • the pool/gym right behind my house
  • cheese bread (I know you're thinking I can eat cheese bread but you don't even understand)
  • my hubbie
  • my dog
  • throwing on my abaya if I don't feel like getting dressed to go out (haha- I'm serious!)
  • schwarmas and stir-fry by the pool on week-end nights
  • super-duper cheap gas

Not really looking forward to the flight but can't wait to see everybody! I'm not sure how the home phone will work out because it's still on Vonage here in Saudi so call me on my cell phone. (if you remember it! Let's see who my real friends are.....just kidding!) I might be a little jet-lagged for a few days but then I'm ready to have fun!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Flat tire......

Thought you might like to see this! Last time we went to Bahrain, we had a flat tire on the causeway. Actually after that, in between two of the checkpoints, so we were barely moving, thank goodness. Brad, Evan and some road workers changed the tire in a few minutes and were on our way. We stopped to get it fixed at the first garage we saw. Here are Brad and Evan supervising the repair. Could any man and son stand more the same?? (Brad is standing on a hill or something because Evan is significantly taller than him now) Sorry for the blurry pictures. I took them out the window of the car. The a/c was more important to me in the 120+ degree weather than a quality photo...... Oh, and this is the garage where we stopped......

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just stuff..............

Guess I've had a little "blogger's block" lately. Here are some random things we've been up to!

(images lifted from one of Evan's Facebook friends.....thanks!)

  • Tonight I chaperoned Evan's 8/9th grade Prom. It was beautiful. The theme was Hollywood or The Oscar's, something to that affect. It was fun to see him having fun with his friends. He is at an after-party now and I have to pick him up at 1:00 am. Guess that's the motivation behind this update. Can't go to bed anyway. (Evan is the tall boy in the pics with the white shirt)

  • Our compound/city has a movie theatre with movies that are not too old. We've been going up there alot. We saw Australia last week. We thought it was ridiculously long and not as good as we thought it would be. Evan thought they must have not been able to decide on an ending and just included everybody's ideas.....I have to agree. This week we saw Seven Pounds with Will Smith. It was alright. Cheap entertainment for sure!

  • I feel bad for the kids because all their friends back home are already out for summer. Feels like my kids have been going to school forever! It's winding down now, though, and that feels good.

  • The countdown is on.... we fly back to Louisiana on June 18th. The kids are really excited. I am too, but I'm really going to miss Brad! Wonder how he and the dog will get along all that time without us. haha I'm sure they both will be bored silly.

  • President Obama was here in Saudi Arabia today. I wonder what he and the King talked about.