Monday, December 12, 2011

Why have I not been blogging???

I really can't believe I  haven't blogged since MAY!!!  What in the world?  I'm really just out of the habit and hopefully this little post will get me going again.  We are alive and well in Saudi Arabia!  The house has been rather quiet since Whitney graduated and left the nest.  We miss her like crazy and can't wait to see her next week.  Not only will she be coming but so will ALL OF THE REST OF THEM!!  Yes, Taylor is coming from Idaho and Ivy, Calder, Piper and Rhett-baby will be coming from Vegas.  We are so excited we can hardly stand it!  Evan is almost half way through with his junior year.  He's doing great and loving life.  He got he opportunity to take a trip to Berlin.....(that deserves a post of it's own....) I'm staying busy decorating for Christmas, being the branch Young Women president, and whatever else I do on a day to day basis.....So expect more posts very soon!! 

2 happy thoughts:

Susan said...

Whoo-hoo, you're back, yes! I know how excited you are about everyone coming...don't forget, post some pictures!!!

Lindsay and Mike said...

Sounds like everything is going great! Hope you have a great Christmas with all your kiddos!